Saturday, 12 October 2013

To blog or not to blog?

I have never been someone who can follow through with a 'diary'. 

I kept one all through high school, but it fizzled and that was the end of my recording of happenings and feelings. I still have it somewhere, and read it recently. My goodness how interesting to see what consumed my mind during those 5 years! 
When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I decided to write to her in a journal. With all the complications of that pregnancy, I have to say it was cathartic to talk to her and explain things to her and let her know (in my heart at least) that she was already loved, though she was not yet here. And since she arrived, happy and healthy, I have only written to her on important days, like her birthday. 
I fully intended to keep a journal for my son too. Even started it. But with a busy toddler, changing schools and all the other changes we went through during my pregnancy (which seemed to FLY by), that, too, never became a reality. 

But lately I have been intrigued by other ladies' blogs... where they encourage others and speak to the hearts of women and moms. More than once I have been moved to tears by the caring words and honest truth encased in the words of women I have never met. 
So yesterday I decided to go for it. I took part in Lisa-Jo's 5 minute Friday. And it was FUN! It was fun to sit and write my little heart out about a random topic. It was FUN to get feedback and have others read what I had written. It was FUN to hear from others about how what I had written had entertained them. And it was a release. I am a creative person. I enjoy scrapbooking, painting and creating from nothing. Writing for me would be another way to show my creative side, which is all that saves me from going insane some days! haha.
So today? Today I made a blog. If others read it or not, it will be fun to write my thoughts down in a place where I can access them altogether and see the growth in my writing and in my introspection, and maybe in me? I can't promise to be a regular contributor... but I will definitely attempt to keep writing for 5 minute Friday at least. 
So here goes... let's get this adventure started!


  1. Lynn, So excited that you have a blog now! I recently started one myself, and I love it. If anything, it is just a way to like you said, have that creative release. To accomplish something and see it come to completion!

    This is Rebekah from FMF who commented on your blog. I saw that you commented on mine about the pictures and I followed your link here! So exciting to be your first comment!

    I always post my blogs on FB to share with my other family members/mom friends there, so that is one way you can share with others the things you write. Have some fun!

  2. Ah Thanks for coming over Rebekah! I love reading your blog... you have a way of speaking the truth that resonates within me. And it is nice to know that someone on the other side of the world is going though similar things to me.
    Thanks for your well wishes... let us see where this adventure leads me ;)

  3. Hey Lynn,
    Good to see you have a blog! You have always been one with words! Enjoy it, and you know, more often than not, what we think is trivial to put on paper, might be just the thing that helps someone else through a bad time, advice that could be just what they need at that moment! You have a wonderful talent and I know you are going to love your blog as well as a lot of others! xoxoxoxo