Friday, 2 May 2014

Five Minute Friday: Mess

I try to join the community of women who write every Friday, but tend to miss out. This week I had to. To write... 5 minutes, no stopping, no editing... 


I feel like I live my life surrounded by mess. A deafening cacophony of voices and stuff and toys and " mommy, mommy" and to-do lists and groceries needing buying or packing away and bath toys left out and clothes that need folding or ironing or washing...
Focus on the reason for the mess. Focus on the four little hands playing with the toys... They won't be little and pudgy and clumsy for long. Focus on the family you are surrounded by, the people you cook for, bake for, nourish. The mess is there, for sure. But beyond the mess of crayons, paper, Lego, dolls clothes and mermaid dolls are two beautiful souls. Beyond the lists and food and groceries is a loving, caring man who only has eyes for me, whose hands know where the mess of knots in my back are. Beyond the busy mess of life is a Daddy who quietly loves me into calmness and focus and who reminds me that the mess? It isn't a mess. It is evidence. Of love.