Thursday, 17 October 2013

a day

Sometimes you just need a day. 
A day where you stop  and take the time to just be.

Be with yourself. 

Be with the little person you grew inside you and breathe in the smell of him, hold him, cuddle with him and talk baby talk before that stage in his life, too, passes. 

Be with your creative side and make something out of nothing before the busyness of life takes over and you don't get to see that side of you for a long while. 

Be at home: With the laundry that needs doing, the table full of dirty dishes and the beds that need making, and enjoy the quietness of a house without bustle or noise.

Just be in the moment and take it all in. 

Take in the fact that you have that little body to hug.

Take in the fact that you are able to create, and have the time... and the talent 

Take in the fact that you are blessed to still live in the home you grew up in.

Today I took my day, and these are the lessons I was taught, subtly. Though I woke up feeling sad and with a churning stomach, this day has calmed me and given me perspective and taught me gratitude. 

I am grateful for the little arms that wrap around my neck and the little voice that whispers 'Love you, Mommy'... for the strong arms I can turn to when I can't be strong anymore and for the bigger voice that whispers "It's going to be ok"... for the home I have, with all it's imperfections, and the walls that, could they speak, would say "we're here, sheltering you, as always"... for the peace I feel when I take a moment to survey that which God has given me...and for the Father who has never given up on me, who has stood by me and spoken to me in so many ways and through so many different whispers, even though at times I forget to listen.

My day is nearly over now, and more lie ahead, but with this day and all its quiet lessons behind me I am ready once again to face whatever life throws at me.
Until I need a day again.

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  1. That is beautiful. Each of us need such days, and regularly without feeling guilty. I, like you have been so blessed and I appreciate more and more that abundance which surrounds my uncluttered life. You are an amazing woman and inspiration to me and I will always love you HUGELY ! !