Friday, 21 March 2014

Five Minute Friday: JOY

I haven't written in a while. Haven't really had the time, but today, on this beautiful public holiday, I HAD to share in 5 minute Friday. So here goes... Writing for five minutes, no stopping, no editing, no going back...



I watch them, seeing how they grow.
and play.
and discover.
I hold them tight to me, hoping beyond hope that they would not grow anymore, that time would stand still and allow me to keep them in stasis, in a place where every minute for them is one of happiness.
Every new discovery.
Every new book read, movie watched.
Every minute spent with us, drawing, playing. Every minute is FUN and happy.

I don't want them ever to grow up and feel sadness. Or the pain of losing someone. Or the hurt that comes from unrequited love.

But in the same breath I know that they will grow.
They will have all these wonderful experiences and some not so wonderful ones which form them into the person they are destined to be, and ultimately they will meet someone one day that takes them from us and start their own little family... 
And also look at their children with deep, strong love and unfathomable joy. Just as we look at them.

Parenting has a depth of joy that you could not know until you experience it for yourself. I finally understand my Father dancing over what He had made...



  1. That is very sweet. So glad I stopped by.
    I like that picture you paint "my Father dancing over what He had made.." :)

    Annette @ A Net in Time
    new blog: (

    1. Thanks for coming over Annette. I once read a book called "An angel called Mervin" which was the Bible and Creation written from this angel's perspective. A work of fiction based in fact... anyway, when he wrote about the Creation, he spoke about God flicking little piles of mud into the oceans and calling them 'islands' and carving out deep furrows with his fingertips ad then dancing over His creation with joy and pride. It has stuck with me... Also Steven Curtis Chapman sings about it in his song Lord of the Dance. I cannot get that image out of my head when I look around me, had to share. :)

  2. i hard to know that one day all these sweet days will end...but that they will boomerang to grandkids for you to spoil and love...its always important to keep a young child in your life....whether a friends or someone's at church...nothing makes you look at life and keep you young like the vantage point of childhood...i always want to keep that child wonder apart of me and my kids no matter how old any of us are!

  3. love the word picture you create at the end... the Father dancing with joy over His creation. :-)